The Lilly Endowment has begun a national initiative to improve the personal and professional financial wellbeing of pastoral leaders.  The premise of this initiative is that financial stress on pastors limits pastoral effectiveness and, consequently, the health and vitality of congregations.

Your Missouri United Methodist Foundation is one of only 23 organizations to receive an initial grant from Lilly to study the issues and design plans for a subsequent implementation grant.  That is why we are asking you to TAKE THE SURVEY!

We are inviting you and all other pastoral leaders who are currently serving UM churches in Missouri to take a brief and anonymous online survey.  This survey will assist in the identification of economic challenges facing our pastoral leaders and their families. This information will be used to develop programs and resources to address these challenges. Your participation will help:

  • Assess the amount and type of personal debt most commonly incurred, and the impact such debt has on personal satisfaction and professional effectiveness.
  • Identify the most common financial stressors that pastoral leaders encounter personally and professionally.
  • Assess existing financial practices and behaviors.
  • Identify needs for financial education, knowledge, and skill development.
  • Identify preferred format(s) for financial education delivery.
  • Identify the most strategic uses for direct financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants, or emergency assistance.

To express our thanks for your time and effort, upon completion of the survey FREE Starbucks Card awaits!  You will be able to print or download a $5 Starbucks eGift Card.

So – let’s get started!  Click here to take the survey!
The survey might take about 15 minutes to complete, and you can stop and return if you need to step away.  The survey will be open until June 22, 2015.

If you have any questions about this survey or the project in general, please contact the Foundation at or 800-332-8238.  This survey is administered by researchers at the University of Missouri. If you have questions about the research process, please contact Dr. Joan Hermsen,, 573-884-1420.

Thank you for your time, service, and leadership.  Your participation in this project will make a positive difference for United Methodist ministry in Missouri.

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