At last, federal legislation was passed at the end of 2015 making the IRA direct charitable rollover gift option permanent.  IRA Charitable rollovers represent a significant opportunity for United Methodist Churches to secure current and future annual gifts and engage donors. Many nonprofits are actively pursuing IRA rollover gifts, and we want to ensure your church and members hear about this from you. Now, each year, persons over age 70 ½ may make gifts to charity directly from individual retirement accounts (IRAs) without including the distribution as personal income, but counting the gift toward the required minimum distribution.

Provided below is a Church Guide to IRA Charitable Rollover Gifts. This guide is designed to support your IRA rollover gift efforts, and may in the long term benefit your legacy giving efforts as well as engage a new group of donors. Also provided is a sample letter from your pastor or church leadership to donors.

Church Guide to IRA Charitable Rollover Gifts

Sample Letter From Pastor/Church Leadership to Donors

Sample Church IRA Gift Receipt 2016 Sample Church IRA Gift Receipt – Word version