Date:     October 3, 2018
Time:     9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Place:    Hampton Inn & Suites Convention Center
            (1225 Fellow’s Place Boulevard, Columbia, MO 65201)
Cost:     $35 (includes meal and materials)
Sponsor: C2FM

Join us for a day with Syble Solomon, founder of LifeWise Strategies and creator of the “Money Habitude” cards.  Each attendee will receive a complementary deck of Money Habitude cards and will learn from the creator herself how to use this tool to:
   ⋅   Create a relaxed, non-judgmental environment for open conversations about money
   ⋅   Gain personal insight and perspective
   ⋅   Improve counseling
   ⋅   Enhance the effectiveness of financial ministry workshops
   ⋅   Enhance the work of stewardship and finance committees

Talking about money can seem taboo, embarrassing, overwhelming, or intimidating.  This seminar will help eliminate those stigmas and foster better financial practices and ministries within your church.