Financial Ministry Library

Financial Ministry Resources Library

A financial ministry has the potential to change people’s lives and when they get control of their finances, they become more generous than they ever imagined. 

A financial ministry can be in many forms, but no matter what form it takes, it is about teaching people God’s way to manage the financial gifts He has given.  

Luke 12:48 …From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked. 

The C2FM library contains resources that support your church’s financial ministry.  Feel free to contact us to determine the resources that best fit your church’s plan for a financial ministry.
Financial Ministry Resource Library List

Curricula Descriptions

Financial Peace University by Ramsey Solutions

This is a DVD (or streaming video) based program that is easy to facilitate by a church volunteer.  Over 2 million people have attended this program which has been offered by thousands of churches.  Within 90 days, the average family pays off $5,300 in debt and increased savings by $2,300.  It teaches simple steps so participants can get control of their finances. It is primarily focused on motivating people to act and provides simple tools for them to be successful. 

  • •   Audience: this program can target church staff, members and supports community
        outreach efforts. 
  • •   Length: 9 units that are 1 ½ to 2 hours long.  Sessions held once per week.
  • •   Cost: about $100 per family unit.  The grant will cover the cost of materials for clergy and
        the facilitator materials. 
  • •   Pros:
         ·   DVDs are entertaining and action oriented. They include references to scripture to
             help motivate people into action and understand how God wants people to manage
             His resources
         ·   Marketing support that includes posters, graphics for websites, listing on the Ramsey
             website and more.
         ·   Complimentary programs for teens and youth (see Generation Change! And Junior
             Adventures Bible Study)
  • •   Cons: the cost of materials can be an obstacle for some people to attend. Churches can
         scholarship (partial or full) some people to help overcome the cost.

Earn. Save. Give. Wesley’s Simple Rules for Money by James A Harnish

John Wesley boils fiscal responsibilities down to just three rules:  Earn all you can. Save all you can. Give all you can.  Sounds simple, but it’s not easy in today’s culture of consumerism.  This twenty-first century translation of John Wesley’s money management philosophy gives everyone in your congregation a new way to think about money. The 4-week church-wide program includes study guides, a leader guide, a DVD, Devotional Readings for Home, and a Program Guide flash drive.

  • •   Audience: adults, teens, children
  • •   Length: 4 weeks
  • •   The materials for this program can be checked out of the Missouri United Methodist
         Foundation’s library. Participants will need to buy the Earn. Save. Give. book available
         through Cokesbury in either paper back or E-book for $9.37 (Jan 2017 price).    

Making Money Count by the University of Missouri Extension

This curriculum is designed to be very flexible, allowing for use one-on-one or in group settings. The units can stand alone or be combined to provide a money management program or course.  Each unit includes additional resources to supplement learning, offer real life examples and reinforce learning.  The units can be offered as a Sunday school curriculum, in a retreat setting, or public offering meeting weekly. 

  • •   Length: Includes eight one hour units:
         ·   Making Decisions and Communicating About Money
         ·   Spending Plan
         ·   Credit
         ·   Consumer Skills and Contracts
         ·   Record Keeping and Taxes
         ·   Banking Services
         ·   Insurance
         ·   Saving and Investing.
  • •   Audience: The flexibility in this curriculum allows it to be customized for specific
         audiences. Here are some suggestions:
         ·   Low income audience, or those with little or no financial management training or skills
             (8 sessions). This can be a program that supports a church’s mission to serve the poor
             or other targeted audiences such as prisoners or single parents.
             ›   Two sessions on credit to include discussions about predatory lenders such as
                  payday loans.
             ›   Two sessions on banking services – the cost of opening a checking account vs. the
                  cost of money orders, check cashing services, etc.
             ›   Spending plan
             ›   Consumer skills and contracts
             ›   Making Decisions
             ›   Saving
             ›   Adults wanting to improve their skills in handling money. Offer all 8 units.
  • •   Cost: it is suggested that participants pay something to register in order to make a
         commitment to the class. There is no direct cost to the church.
  • •   Pros:
         ·   Professional instructors from the University of Missouri Extension
         ·   Over 50,000 people have attended the training
  • •   Drawbacks:
         ·   Does not include scripture or scripture study

Defying Gravity by Tom Berlin

This is a 4-week small group study where the author explores what is required to sustain a vibrant life, what we need versus what we want, and what we can do to avoid being pulled into the orbit of materialism.  Though it can used for a program prior to a stewardship campaign, it is better to include it as part of a long-term financial ministry that reinforces the desired relationship God want people to have with money and possessions.   

  • •   Costs: a kit can be checked out of the Missouri United Methodist Foundation’s library.  It
         includes the book, leader guided, DVD, program tools flash drive.  It is recommended
         that participants purchase their own copy of the book, Cokesbury price is $10.04. 

Generation Change! by Ramsey Solutions

This program is for teenagers.  It can be facilitated by a youth pastor, a church member or anyone who has a heart for teens.  You can help change the future of the teens in your church and community.

  • •   Length: This is a three-series format that allows you to do all nine weeks of Generation
     consecutively as a youth companion to the nine-week Financial Peace University 
        class, or you can simply pick the individual three-week Generation Change series that
        most appeals to you and start there.  It can be used as a youth bible study or summer
        camp curriculum. 
         ·   The three series are titled: BE who God created; DO more with your money; GO write
             your story. 
  • •   Cost: A package with all three series that includes one participant guide and 10 student
         memberships is $429.  A single series with one participant guide and 10 student
         memberships is $159.  A BE, DO, GO five student membership bundle is $135.
         A BE, DO, GO single participant membership is $199.    

Junior Adventures Bible Study by Ramsey Solutions

Junior’s Adventures Bible Study is a six-lesson Bible study that teaches kids how to handle money God’s ways. Kids think they’re just having fun, but you know better! Your kids will learn that everything belongs to God. They’ll learn the value of hard work and why serving others is so important. They’ll also learn how to save and spend wisely and how to be content with what they have.

  • •   Length: can serve as a stand-alone class during kids’ ministry time or be combined with your Financial Peace University class. This curriculum features six hour-long sessions that include an illustrated story, fun activities and discussion questions. There are three weeks of bonus activities. In each story, Junior runs into problems and finds the answer he needs in the Bible. Kids will learn how to practically apply those life lessons right along with Junior. The class is geared for children ages 5–12 with activities divided by grade levels K–3 and 4–5.  The lessons are:
         ·   Ownership – God owns it all, and we are called to take care of what He gives us.
         ·   Work – God likes it when we work, and He expects our best.
         ·   Give – we show our love to God and others by how we give.
         ·   Save – It’s wise to save so you’ll have what you need when you need it.
         ·   Spend – God wants to have a plan for your money.
         ·   Contentment – we can be content in every situation because God will take care of us.
  • •   Cost: the materials are priced at $3.00 each, with a minimum purchase of 25. 
         They are delivered as a digital product that is downloaded upon purchase. 

Smart Money Smart Kids by Ramsey Solutions

The title sounds like this is intended for kids, but the audience is met for parents.  Participants watch and discuss the lesson in class, then continue the age-specific portion at home.  It brings together parents to share ideas and stay motivated. 

  • •   Length: There are six lessons with materials that support a Bible study or small group
         activity for about an hour each.  The lessons cover the following:
         ·   Work and responsibility- teaches the work-money connection, the importance of
             personal responsibility, and how our work reflects our relationship with God.
         ·   Spending and Wisdom – teaches parents to understand their child’s particular God-
             even bent and how that can lead to wise spending decisions.
         ·   Saving and Patience – shows how parents can encourage delayed gratification and
             how kids can learn to set specific goals for their saving.
         ·   Giving and Generosity – emphasizes God’s ownership in order for parents to raise
             generous children and challenge them to step out of their comfort zones.
         ·   Debt and Honesty – Teaches the Bible’s perspective on debt and urges parents to raise
             kids who can identify and reject the cultural myths that fuel debt’s popularity.
         ·   Contentment and Gratitude – challenges parents to actively protect their kids from the
             pervasive “bigger is better” messages in our culture and to encourage an attitude of
             contentment rooted in humility and gratitude.
  • •   Cost: the leadership materials cost $149, the individual materials are $59.