Churches & Organizations Investment Information

Investment Information

United Methodist Churches and related United Methodist organizations in Missouri use the Foundation for the investment of endowments and other long-term charitable funds. Please review this entire page to gain an overview.  If you simply need to download the basic documents (Disclosure Statement and Investment Agreement), click on the following links:

Investment Agreement Disclosure Statement 2021

Your participation makes a difference!

Your Missouri United Methodist Foundation is a great place for the long-term administration of charitable funds. United Methodist churches and institutions in Missouri place endowments, long-term reserves and other special use funds at the Foundation knowing that they can rely on prudent diversified investment as well as ready access to their funds.  Individual donors use the Foundation to create endowments, donor advised funds, gift annuities, and charitable remainder trusts to benefit their favorite United Methodist ministries.

Returns are net of all costs, commissions and administrative fees associated with the investments. Returns for periods greater than 12 months are annualized. Please refer to the Disclosure Statement for a full description of costs and fees. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

Three Portfolios

The Foundation offers three different investment funds to participating UM churches and organizations. Each fund has a different asset allocation, and all funds are monitored by Foundation staff, the Foundation Investment Committee, and by the Foundation’s professional investment consultants.

Aggressive Fund

Established in 1994, the Aggressive Fund’s investment objective is to seek long-term appreciation and invests largely in equity securities. It also maintains allocation to fixed income securities and various alternative investments.

Balanced Fund

The Balance Fund was established in 1990 and seeks to balance the objectives of long-term capital appreciation and present income. It is typically invested in a balanced portfolio of equity securities, fixed income securities, and alternative investments.

Conservative Fund

The Conservative Fund was established in 1997. Its investment objective is to maximize present income and is primarily invested in fixed income securities. It includes a modest allocation to equity securities, and some alternative investments.

Investment consulting services are provided to the Foundation by Pavilion, a Mercer practice. As a leading not-for-profit investment consultant, Pavilion offers a full spectrum of research, advice and delegated solutions for healthcare, endowments, foundations and faith-based organizations.  The Pavilion office in St. Louis is supported by national and global research resources that serve 345 not-for-profit organizations investing over $390 billion in assets.