Options to Give Designated Fund

Creating a Designated Fund

Creating a designated fund at the Foundation is a wonderful way to ensure long-term support for the specific United Methodist church, agency, institution or ministry of your choice. By establishing a designated fund, you are creating a means to continue your charitable giving beyond your lifetime and to touch the lives of future generations.

A designated fund can help you achieve the following goals:

  • •   Provide a source of financial support for your church or other United Methodist ministries in perpetuity;
  • •   Establish one fund to support several organizations (e.g., designate a percentage of fund earnings to specific organizations);
  • •   Ensure that if a church closes, an agency dissolves, or if a ministry program changes its purpose, the fund will carry out your charitable intentions – either through another church or agency or by designating an alternate use or purpose;
  • •   Make an endowment gift to a new, small or struggling organization;
  • •   Make an endowment gift without concern that the principal may be invaded or used imprudently, or not invested properly.

To create a designated fund, the Foundation encourages a gift of at least $10,000, either initially or anticipated through total giving over a period of time (e.g., a series of annual gifts, a bequest and/or the remainder from a charitable trust or gift annuity).  Additional contributions of any amount may be made to funds already established.

Simply contact the Foundation office to discuss how you would like your fund set up. We will then prepare a brief Instrument of Transfer for your review and approval. You return the signed agreement with your gift of cash or with the transfer instructions for gifts of other types of property.

For additional information click here.  A Foundation staff person would be delighted to visit with you about your gift plans.  Please call us at: 800-332-8238

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