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Grant & Scholarship Information

Ministry Grant Application Process

In order to be considered for the Foundation’s Ministry Grants, your church or ministry must fill out the grant application.
Applications are due April 1 or October 1.

Undergraduate Scholarship Application Process

The completed undergraduate scholarship application and accompanying material must be submitted by April 1.  (Much of the application is submitted online.  Items that are mailed must be postmarked by the April 1 deadline.)

Unified Missouri Seminary Scholarship Application

This online application is available between January 1 and June 1 each year.  The completed application must be submitted by June 1 to be considered for Foundation awards.  Applicants will be considered for all Foundation awards for which they are eligible and in keeping with available funding.

Investment Information

Churches or agencies interested in investing funds with the
Foundation should read the Foundation’s Disclosure Statement. It provides specific information about the available investments and the applicable costs and investing requirements.

Churches or agencies that wish to open a Foundation investment account should fill out this account application and return it with a check payable to Missouri United Methodist Foundation.

Individual Donor Information

Stock Gift Transfer Form and Instructions

Donors wishing to make a gift of securities to the Foundation (whether for a Foundation account or for the benefit of a United Methodist church or agency) should read these instructions.
Included is a form to use to transfer securities to the Foundation electronically.

Donor Information for Charitable Gift Annuities

Individual donors interested in a Charitable Gift Annuity should read this information statement.

Individual donors that wish to establish a Foundation Charitable Gift Annuity should fill out this application and return it to the Foundation.

Donor Information for Charitable Remainder Trusts Donor Information for Designated Funds

Audit Reports

The Missouri United Methodist Foundation has an independent financial audit performed annually. Audits and Form 990 for the current and prior years are available for review. Please contact us for copies. Our financial statements are currently audited by Williams-Keepers LLC  of Columbia, Missouri.