What is a planned gift or an endowment? Should your church have an endowment committee? What should we do if our church wants to start an endowment program or committee? The resources below will help guide you and your church through implementing and maintaining an endowment program:

     •   Introduction to planned giving & endowments.

     •   Sample Resolution for the Charge Conference to adopt creating an Endowment Committee and formally transferring those responsibilities from the Trustees to the committee.

     •   Sample Endowment Program Charter that describes how the Endowment Committee will handle and administer the funds, including tracking donor designations and restrictions, adopting prudent investment and spending policies, and interfacing with the other boards and committees of the church.

     •   Sample Spending Policy which allows permanent endowments to grow AND sustain more predictable annual distributions for ministry.

An endowment is a wonderful tool to enhance and expand the ministries of your local church and its related ministry priorities. A great starting point is to invite a Foundation representative to your next leadership team meeting.  This can help get lots of questions addressed and ensure clear communications.  To schedule a visit just call the Foundation office at 800-332-8238.

Church Endowment Packet