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Since 1967 the Foundation has been a financial resource for United Methodist churches, individuals, and related agencies and institutions throughout Missouri. We hope this site is another resource that helps YOU make a positive difference.

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Spiritual Economic$ – Money, Values and Faith

Economics is something most of us run away from, but understanding people in your church’s relationship to money, as well as your own, is critical to the financial success of your church. Join Rebekah Simon-Peter to uncover the underlying assumptions that shape your comfort or discomfort with money.  Identify...

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Foundation Scholarships: Growing Resources for Missouri Students

Ah, the new year… spring is just around the corner, and a young student’s thoughts turn to…SCHOLARSHIPS!  For many students and parents, the search for scholarships is a necessary obsession.  A scholarship can be the difference between getting that degree with minimal debt or not. Undergraduate and seminary students...

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