Clergy and Church Financial Ministry (C2FM)

Clergy and Church Financial Ministry from Missouri United Methodist Foundation on Vimeo.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Missouri United Methodist Foundation’s Clergy and Church Financial Ministry (C2FM) is to continuously improve clergy and congregational excellence around financial literacy, leadership, discipleship and ministry.


The vision of the C2FM is to eliminate financial management barriers (personal and professional) among clergy and laity so they may more effectively lead congregations to increased health, vitality, and ministry effectiveness.


Trust & Confidentiality – Any information shared with C2FM personnel is held in confidence and shared only as expressly authorized by the written consent of the participant.
Continuous improvement – Evaluation, assessment, and adjustment will occur throughout the program with the goal of achieving positive, lasting results.
Reliability – C2FM shall always strive to be a source of current, accurate, and complete information.
Practicality – Education, planning, and assistance are not effective if not applied. The services of the C2FM will seek to be immediately useful and applicable to meet the real and practical needs of participants.

C2 areas of service:

-It is estimated that 70% of the US population is living from pay check to pay check. C2FM will provide education, counseling, and coaching on ways to budget, get out of debt, manage healthcare costs, save for children’s needs, and plan for retirement.   Without a plan, you will not be able to finish your work (Luke 14:28-30) and we must make the most of that which God entrusts to our care (Matthew 25:14-30).
-Services will be widely available for all clergy and lay leaders. Special opportunities will be targeted for ministry candidates, early career pastors, and church administrative staff and volunteers.

Direct Financial Aid
-Up to 30% of clergy may be experiencing financial stresses that can affect their personal well-being. Direct financial aid is available to help them achieve the goals they have established in their financial plans.  The grant from the Lilly Endowment has made these funds available when matching funds are raised. Click here to view the direct aid guidelines and application.


To learn more, contact:
Chris Bouchard, Director
Clergy and Church Financial Ministry
(573) 268-4440

Your continued prayers and contributions to this program will help sustain our work. If you’re interested in giving to the C2 Financial Ministry, please contact us to donate.