Starting or Continuing your Stewardship Committee

A stewardship committee or ministry team is an optional group recognized by The Book of Discipline – 2016. This committee or team should also have a chairperson. Many churches choose to give stewardship responsibilities to the finance committee however, this can lead to congregations not being more generous or consistent with their giving of time, energy, and financial support.

It boils down to this: Not having a stewardship committee or stewardship ministry team usually results in insufficient financial resources for the ministries of the congregation!

Churches see an increase in their overall giving and member involvement when they have an active, imaginative, committed group planning a comprehensive stewardship program and strategically and methodically implementing it throughout the year.

Stewardship ministry is not simply a means to underwrite the budget; it is an essential part of the educational, practical and spiritual life of the congregation.

If your church is thinking about starting a stewardship committee or if your stewardship committee is looking for ideas for their current stewardship plan download our Stewardship Committee Packet.

Stewardship Committee Packet
  • At the national level, the UM General Board of Discipleship also develops stewardship materials for use in the local church.  Follow this link to view:  UM General Board of Discipleship Stewardship Resources
  • Another national denominational office that offers helpful resources for local churches is the General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA).  If you are looking for sample policies, best practices, sample forms, or church legal information they are often the best place to start.  Follow this link to view:  GCFA