Options to Give Charitable Gift Annuity

Charitable Gift Annuity

The Missouri United Methodist Foundation can help you create a gift that will ultimately benefit any United Methodist church, organization or affiliated institution. 


A Gift That Pays You Income For Life

What are the benefits of creating a gift annuity?
      • •   Personal satisfaction that your gift will nurture future generations in the Christian faith
      • •   Fixed payments for life
      • •   Guaranteed payments backed by your Missouri United Methodist Foundation
      • •   Tax deduction (must itemize)
      • •   Partially tax-free payout
      • •   Capital gains tax savings on gifts of appreciated stock or real property
What is the minimum gift amount necessary to fund a gift annuity?
      • •   First gift annuity: $10,000
      • •   Subsequent annuities: at least $5,000
How is my payment determined?
      • •   The number of annuitants creating the annuity (one or two)
      • •   The age of the annuitant(s) when the annuity is created.  The American Council on Gift Annuities publishes the rates that most major charities – including the Foundation – follow.  
How will my annuity payments be taxed?

Annuity payment taxation is based on the type of asset used to create the annuity:
1. Gift of cash – the payment is partly tax-free and partly ordinary income for a period of time.
2. Gifts of appreciated securities – the payment is partly tax-free, partly capital gain and partly ordinary income for a period of time.

You will receive a Form 1099 from the Foundation each year for your tax reporting purposes.

Donor Info CGA 2020 Individual donors interested in a Charitable Gift Annuity should read this information statement.

Charitable Gift Annuity Application Individual donors that wish to establish a Foundation Charitable Gift Annuity should fill out this application and return it to the Foundation.

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