Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Missouri United Methodist Foundation takes seriously its role in the protection of all private and confidential information. To ensure that nonpublic information about individuals and organizations is protected we adhere to procedural, physical, and technological standards designed to safeguard both electronic and physical records.

We appreciate very much the trust placed in the Missouri United Methodist Foundation, and seek to earn and affirm that trust on a daily basis. If you have any questions or would like to receive a more detailed written statement regarding out privacy policies and practices, please contact the Foundation office.

Clergy and Church Financial Ministry (C2FM) Applications

In the course of reviewing applications and supplying grants and services, members of the Clergy and Church Financial Ministry’s Application Review Committee will see nonpublic information about you. This information is necessary in order to fulfill C2FM responsibilities. This information will be regarded as confidential.

There may be concerns that supervisors, colleagues or congregants may find out about personal aspects of your life you do not want shared. To encourage the use of the C2FM services, your involvement in this program is confidential, and will not be shared by C2FM personnel with anyone employed by the Missouri United Methodist Conference or shared with anyone outside those persons involved in providing C2FM services and assistance.

Storage of information collected will be protected through a combination of procedural, physical, and technological safeguards designed to protect confidentiality. Nonpublic personal information about you is disclosed to other persons or entities only as necessary and as required by law.