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Budget Tools and Software

Simple Budgets

These are the simplest way to get started with budgeting.  The pdf version can be printed for those who like to use paper and pencil.  The Excel version can be used for those who like using a computer. 
Simple Budget (PDF) Simple Budget (Excel)

Spending Tracker

These tools help you track your spending throughout the month.  You can carry a print version and enter your purchases as you make them on paper.  Or you can collect receipts and enter the expenses in a spreadsheet on a regular basis. 
Spending Tracker (PDF) Spending Tracker (Excel)

Budget Spreadsheet

This useful tool puts most of your financial information in one place. The income and expense worksheets help you start your budget  and improve your monthly budgeting when it’s updated. Additional worksheets show your debts, net worth, and retirement projections. 
Budget spreadsheet

Budgeting Software

Many apps are available to make the budgeting process easier.  Three software programs are reviewed in this document and there are links to other options. 
Reviews of software you like using are welcomed, send them to cbouchard@mumf.org.

Budgeting Software

Debt Snowball Calculator

This calculator lets you see the progress you are making paying off your debts. 
Seeing when each debt will be paid off keeps you motivated to stay with your plan. 
Debt Snowball Calculator