Ministry Grant Application

Ministry Grant Application

Ministry Grant Application process: 

  1. The Grant Authorization Signature Form must be printed, signed and postmarked by USPS by the deadline. Original signatures are required!
    Grant Authorization Signature FormMail Grant Authorization Signature Form to:     Missouri United Methodist Foundation
                                                                                        PO Box 1076
                                                                                        Columbia, MO 65205
  2. Complete the requested information in the Grant Application form below
  3. Upload your Project Narrative
  4. Click the Submit button

Grants are awarded on a semi-annual basis with deadlines of April 1 and October 1.

A separate application must be completed for EACH project request, indicate which project has priority in your proposal.

The Foundation office will acknowledge, in writing, receipt of all completed grant applications.

If you need assistance completing this process, please contact the Foundation at 800-332-8238.

Ministry Grant Application

United Methodist Church/United Methodist Agency Information

Street Address
Church Mailing Address (if different from street address)
Must be a member of the applying church or institution

Proposal Information

Round to the nearest dollar
Round to the nearest dollar

Project Budget


Equipment and Materials Purchases
Personnel Cost (Labor/Salary/Etc.)
Other Expenses


Measures of Success


1 year

5 years

Increase of Average Worship Attendance

Increase in number of persons served by this project

Increase in number of volunteers who will participate in this project

Project Narrative

Please attach a brief narrative (no more than two, single sided pages) in which you describe your church or organization and how this project will improve and/or advance your mission. You may include relevant history, context and goals of the project and how you plan to measure success.

Maximum upload size: 10.49MB