Donors Opportunities to Give

Opportunities To Give

The Importance of Giving

Your gifts through the Missouri United Methodist Foundation empower churches and ministries to carry out their God-given mission. 

At the core of giving is a desire to share God’s abundant grace and to make a difference in the lives of others.

How can I help my church or other UM organization?

Contact the Foundation.  We help individuals, congregations and UM organizations accomplish their charitable goals.  We can help you make a difference now, create a gift that leaves a legacy, create a gift that pays income to you for life, or make a gift that helps clergy and congregations achieve financial freedom.

To view the Foundation’s tax ID and charitable exempt status information, click here.

More gift planning resources and information can be found HERE.


Explore these options:



Make a difference now

See the immediate impact of a gift to your local United Methodist church or
United Methodist ministry.

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Create a gift that leaves a legacy

The church has a mission to fulfill in the future and a legacy gift can support the work of the church for generations to come.

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Create a gift that pays you income for life

Receive fixed or variable payments for life and provide future support for your local church or other favorite United Methodist ministries.

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Help clergy and congregations achieve financial freedom

Help clergy and laity learn to eliminate financial barriers so they can focus on effectively leading congregations by increasing health, vitality, and ministry effectiveness.

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